Nutritious hair mask ideas for damaged hair
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Nutritious hair mask ideas for damaged hair

Most of this generation people have damaged hair, there are so many reasons for this like using the dryers, color treatments, flat irons, and more.

All these things are performed to present their hair a better look but they are very hard on hair. As a result of these methods, your hair might become dull, brittle, and dry. If your hair is damaged, you have to take steps in the initial stage itself if you care for your hair.

There are several homemade hair mask for damaged hair which can help in regaining your hair’s natural and attractive.

Nutritious hair mask ideas

Hot coconut oil mask

You can find the coconut oil easily from the regular stores and heating the coconut oil is just the seconds of work to perform.

After heating up you can apply it to the scalp and end of the hair. The process may make you feel very simple but the benefits from it are extraordinary.

But you can get the best result from the extra virgin coconut oil, almond oil, and avocado oil. You can add up some of the herbs to get extra benefits. Later wash your hair with shampoo twice to remove the oil.Nutritious hair mask ideas for damaged hair2

Milk and honey mask

Milk and honey masks can make you wonder over your damaged brittle hair. For this masking, you just require two cups of milk with two spoons of honey.

The milk used for mask should be heated under low temperature and then add honey to it, the honey easily gets dissolves.

Banana with an olive oil mask

Similar to other masks, this mask is also very simple. For this mask you have to mix up the banana with olive oil, you can also prefer the extra virgin coconut oil or almond oil.

This gives you the thick paste, apply it to the root of the hair by sectioning your hair. Allow it for at least 30minutes and then rinse it. This is one of the preferable DIY hair masks for dry hair.

Avocado with an olive oil mask

Avocado is one of the extraordinary ingredients which can help your hair to get recover from the split ends. Take the ripen avocado and blend it with two spoons of olive oil, then you have to apply it to the hair shaft by sectioning your hair into four parts.Nutritious hair mask ideas for damaged hair3

Final words

Some of the DIY hair mask ideas are mentioned above to help you on regaining your hair’s nature. You can prefer any of the hair mask ideas based on your hair type and requirement.