face is index of life style
Face masks

Is it true that face is index of life style?

As like a proverb face is index of our mind, in this modern world face is index of your life style so every woman willing be more conscience about their face beauty. Most of them like a pretty face but it is too difficult to maintain their face tone, because woman are always working either outside or stuck up with house hold works so the skin regimens will lose their moisture periodically that would results in dry skin. Due to exposure to sun rays face skin gets dull which further results to pimple if you do not take care of these problems in future it may results with aged look or with dull skin.

If Environmental pollution make face skin problem on other side women make themselves work in late nights due to improper sleep they gets wrinkles, dark spots and dark circle around eye. In order to rectify all these problems most of them have habit of using face mask but some are not aware how to do a face mask and how often should you apply face mask.

face mask

Several ways of face masks:

Ancient people use clay, sea mud and egg whites as a facial mask, at present there several variety of facial masks are available you may get confused what to choose and what is face mask frequency? if you search for answer it mainly depends upon your skin type, your age, based on climate if it is moderate climate then you should use required face mask in case it is summer or winter then you should be aware to use alternative face masks and face mask can also vary depending upon the time how long you use that.

Various face mask for different skin:

People do not have same skin type so while you choose the face mask you should ensure that it will be fine for your skin type in rather cases if you choose wrong face mask that may result in side effects such as allergic, red marks, rashes, etc. so you should be conscience in doing a face mask here there are different types of skin and required face mask for it.

  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin
  • Mature skin

If you have oily skin then you may notice that prone, pimples, acne or more than dry skin so you have to choose face mask which removes oil and dirt which is best for your skin. Mostly clay mask will have more effects in removing oil from skin within 15 minutes three times a week. Once it is completely dry it will be more effective for oily skin.

For sensitive and dry skin it is better to choose face mask which stress your skin mostly hydrating mask which have aloe, olive oil will give better effects. You can use face mask once in a week.

Mature skin would be with lose elasticity and dull so it is better to choose face mask with anti aging ingredients such as AHA, vitamin B3 and amino acids these agents helps to remove dead cells and help the skin to get moisturized. You can use this face mask twice in a week.